Every year, G and I celebrate Frugal February to well, be more frugal. We honestly thought we made it up until I started looking it up on the inter web and it's totally a thing.

FF is a great way to reset your financial ways, especially after the holiday season, but it is also a fabulous food reset. Below are the guidelines we follow for the month, but we're stretching it out through (Mindful) March because we have a few things this month that aren't so frugal (Disneyland, Warriors/Clippers game, friends from out of town). You know, life stuff.

: Personal shopping is out. Anything outside of the essentials are not allowed.
: Happy hour or lunch special dining out only, but best to avoid eating out all together.
: Sell some stuff, whether it's clothes, furniture, whatever we don't need anymore.
: Whole Foods shopping is out of the question, unless a gift card is used (we have one precious card from Christmas).
: Clean out the freezer of all meals.
: Clean out the pantry of dried goods.
: Less meat or only cheap cuts of meat.
: More legumes, grains, soups and stews.

One thing I'm going to try is planning out two weeks of dinners in advance because planning is key when it comes to budget meals. I'll let you know how that pans out.  Looking for inspiration? Here are some great recipes that happen to be budget-friendly :)

Later this week I will be posting the BEST salsa that is cheap, delicious, lasts forever and makes everything it touches insanely good. The rest of the month will also include other delicious, frugal food.

Anyone else want to jump on the Frugal February bandwagon??


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