The end of the year brings on a lot of different emotions. This one is leaving me with a renewed desire to go after everything I want with great fervor and most of all, FOCUS. 

Most of 2015 left me feeling like I was playing a game of catch up. I felt behind on everything no matter how hard I tried to stay on top of or ahead of things. There's too much clutter in my life both in the physical and psychological sense. Too many things, too many thoughts, too many responsibilities I was trying to take care of all at once. 

Last week I read somewhere that it's time to start mono-tasking, not multi-tasking which I LOVED (it's scientifically proven that we cannot multi-task, but you know what I'm talking about). What it boils down to is focusing all attention and energy on one thing at a time until it is completely finished. While that sounds kind of ridiculous because it's sort of impossible with a lot of tasks, I know it makes total sense to everyone. 

There's a tendency for me to spread myself thin because I like to do a lot of different things at once. The whole point of keeping my hands in so many different pots is because I get bored and antsy, but it's putting me in the exact place I don't want to be. While it's fun to do a bunch of things, it's unproductive and leaves me at a standstill. I'm not moving forward and that's like working out for two hours a day everyday and never seeing any results. 

So anyway, sorry this is not a recipe post. I was trying to do too many things at one time and couldn't get my shit together ;) 

Happy New Year!! It's going to be an AMAZING year!


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