WE WHO READ 11.06.15


This week has been brutal, so I am super excited the week is coming to an end. Especially, since I'm headed to Santa Barbara for the weekend for our yearly mom-in-law & sis-in-law birthday trip. I love any chance to catch up with family, but to have focused, uninterrupted time with two of my favorite people is pretty special. Keep up with me on IG while I'm traipsing around my favorite California city. Whether it's an ordinary or out-of-the-ordinary weekend, I hope you have a fantastic one!

The best way to seed a pomegranate.

Better than bullet coffee?? I take mine black, but I may just give it a try.

Bye-bye Bittman :(

Seems Mad Max was the costume du jour this year.

The addiction continues.

Maybe you missed this article because you were too stressed and tired.

Kids know how to get you in that sweet, vulnerable spot.

I'm far from vegan, but I'm all over these delicious fall-inspired recipes.

Seven books to read this month.

Always on the hunt for a great hand cream.

Everyone needs one in the kitchen, whether you think you do or not.

Arm yourself with a pleasant anti-bacterial wipe this cold & flu season.


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