WE WHO READ 10.30.15


Tomorrow is my birthday, but whatever. It's Halloween and I'm super excited to see L enjoy the holiday! Last year she was too young to know what was going on and she went to sleep really early. This year we're taking her to a friend's birthday party and a local Halloween Fest (there are a million down here), so she'll get a fair dose of holiday fun. She's not allowed to eat candy, so is it bad that I still hope she gets a lot of candy so I can eat it? Happy Halloween!!

Speaking of candy...

This costume KILLS me!

Charcoal hot dog buns.

And THESE hot dogs.

Can't wait to get my hands on Ellen's book.

All over these bad boys.

Everything great about a brownie in cookie form.

All about Korean BBQ.

Can you get smarter? I hope so.

Three-ingredient cheesecake.

The best oatmeal cookie ever?

Kids eating fancy chocolate.


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