WE WHO READ 09.18.15


Someday I'll throw up the recipe for these donuts and those apple and chocolate fritters you see back there, but with these L.A. heat waves there's not much fryin' goin' on. G went to college with someone who had a deep fryer built into the kitchen island - can you imagine?? Weekends are meant for things like donuts and french toast, so I hope yours involves something along those indulgent lines. I'm sure after a long week, you deserve it!!

: Food Links :

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: Non-Food Links :

Can't put this down and super excited to go through this list.

I may learn how to knit just to make a giganto blanket.

Take me here, RIGHT NOW!


  1. gonna make this soup this week after the farmers market! and think of you. as I'm in the freezing cold now. ;)



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