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Isn't this picture incredible? My father-in-law took it in Norway last week and it gives me an immediate sense of calm. Speaking of calming places, we are heading deep into the woods next week for our yearly family trip to the Trinity Alps. We sleep outside on the porch of the cabin right on the river, eat ice cream and malts from the General Store, hike, fish, lounge, read and nap all week long. With no access to the internet or cable, it's the ultimate way to disconnect, relax and enjoy nature. It's the best place on Earth. Hence the Thursday recipe post, which I'm going to keep moving forward, rather than the previous Monday posts. So, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and week and I'll see you back here the following week with a new recipe!

The ultimate playground.

Hitting up some of these recipes as soon as we get back.

Upon return, I'm committing to the capsule wardrobe with help from these two ladies as inspiration.

Great advice now that we're at the beginning of toddlerhood.

The secret to great NYC bagels.

April Bloomfield shows us how it's done.

A fantastic resource when trying to buy something for a man.

And with Father's Day approaching, did you see these two Gift Guides?

Planning for summer meals.

A good reminder to picnic more.

Which hot dogs would you eat?

Playground Purgatory - I was in hysterics reading this.


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