WE WHO READ 05.15.15


As I am writing and staring at this picture I took just a few days ago, it's pouring down rain, I have a cup of hot cocoa in hand and I'm wearing, sweats, a hoodie and cozy slippers. The year-round perfect weather we have here in L.A. is something I never want to give up, but taking advantage of these rare rainy days is one of my favorite things to do and I plan to keep it up all weekend long. Happy Friday!!

How to eat healthy at restaurants.

The Obliteration Room.

How to make ramen.

Are you smart enough to be a citizen?

Or smarter than a 15 year old?

A more attractive way to keep your opened bottle of wine for a week.

This cookbook is AMAZING.

So excited to watch this.

Making this cinnamon cake for the second time in a week because it's THAT good.

Lime and coconut espadrilles.

My yoga teacher.


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